SC101: Creating and deploying a mobile friendly web app in 6 steps

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Course Description

This is an jumpstart level course on how to leverage Scriptcase – designed specifically for non-programmers (beginner or intermediate user, who may or may not have coding experience).  It is also perfect for experienced software developers and programmers who are new to Scriptcase and desire to reduce some of the self-learning curve. The course will help anyone who is new to Scriptcase.

The course demystifies the real-world issues of getting hosting services and using those for stable, secure database and web file systems.  Open source tools will be covered allowing the student to connect to online web databases using encrypted, SSH tunnels and SFTP connections.   Scriptcase installation on local development machines is covered, so that a licensed copy of Scriptcase can be used for all future development.  The Scriptcase work will focus initially on creating a simple but data-driven mobile friendly web app of the type commonly used by businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and start-up entrepreneurs.  This app will go thru design, generation, customization, and deployment phases, all using the Scriptcase system.

  • Work at your own pace
  • Take a ‘walk-thru’ of the entire course, by reading, watching videos, trying example demos, and exploring the interactions
  • Do the course ‘hands-on’, by following each step as you move thru the lessons
  • Participate in the course discussions, to help you get thru any issues or questions
  • Refer back to the course materials and resources – monitor the news and addendum blog for corrections and enhancements

 This course goes beyond a sample

  • You may have played with the online demo samples on the Scriptcase website – they are a great sales resource… But this course is different from a sample. As you progress thru the lessons, you will build a functioning application in real-world conditions.
  • This includes installing all the software, establishing a web hosting account, and securing your communications using best practices.  Again, these are the steps taken by professional developers and will take you beyond running tests of samples on your computer.
  • When you install the eval copy of SC, you get a collection of samples that use the SQLite database. While SQLite is fine for demos and eval projects, this course gets you using the web standard database, MySQL.
  • This course focuses on getting a real-life, development and production environment established.


Course Materials

SC101 is an online, self-directed course which includes:

  • Video lectures
  • Interactive Multi-media
  • Step-by-step screen grabs, with text
  • A student and instructor discussion system is enabled for lesson and topic pages, so you can interact

Things needed for the optional hands-on work

You can take the course passively, that is, you can simply watch the videos, explore the multi-media, and read the step-by-step materials; however, to get the most out of the course it is recommended that you actually do the steps and create the app for both the desktop browser and mobile device. To do so, you will need to have or do the following:

  • Of course you will need to have a modern PC of some sort, to play the videos and general browse the course online. We have tested the steps in the course on a Windows 7 PC.
  • You will get instructions and be guided on getting and installing a copy of Scriptcase. You may do the course with a 20 day eval license or use a full license
  • You will need a web hosting account that supports SSH, SFTP. We will guide you thru the process of getting a one month account on Webfaction for a cost of $9.50, which you may want to keep as your production web host or you can get a refund of the monthly fee from Webfaction. We highly recommend them (who we use) and have tested this course using Webfaction.
  • Several other open source programs are used in the course, especially the PuTTY program. We will take you thru the steps for installing and using these free programs
  • You will need to bring your imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm for learning the techniques to get started with a great RAD software, Scriptcase!

Course Content

Lessons Status

Getting Started


Step 1 - Develop a project design


Step 2 - Establish your development and production environment


Step 3 - Design and create a database in Scriptcase


Step 4 - Design and generate your Scriptcase app


Step 5 - Deploy your project to the web


Step 6 - Test your web app on PC and mobile


Next Steps