Free Course: What kind of web development is possible with Scriptcase?

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Course Description

One of the recurring things I read in the Scriptcase forums are developers asking if you can use Scriptcase to build a _____________.  You fill in the blank with CMS, website, data analysis system, Intranet portal for staff use, mobile web app…and so on.  Everyone has a unique project, with specialized needs, but after using Scriptcase for years (since version 5 thru the latest version 8), I have a good feel for what is possible and practical.  In fact, I have used it to build dozens of commercial-grade systems and apps.  I find it so productive that I have moved virtually all my web app development to SC.

Scriptcase is a unique RAD product.  I say that because it can be used in different ways by different types of developers.  For the non-programmer, SC gives you a graphical user interface powerful enough to build complex systems with no coding.  It essentially takes all of your settings and generates the apps for you.  You can have all sorts of data grids, editing forms, interactive data charts, and even a login system for your users – all feeding off a database you create and build inside SC.

For the programmer, Scriptcase unleashes the power of PHP with an event driven model – perfect for developing and maintaining the business logic that makes your web app or system unique.  SC can act as your IDE, integrating version control, code libraries, a macro system, AJAX, and secure deployment to your production employment.  With SC, you can use its code generation features and GUI to get a working prototype quickly, and then add in your own code to complete a project in true rapid application development style.

This course is an overview, using guided walk-thrus of several real-life projects. I hope it inspires you to dive deeper into web app development.

Course Materials

Video lecture, video walk-thru of several types of apps, links to demo a functional single screen app (works on both on a PC browser and a smartphone)